School Link - Romans
  roman soldierThis is a first year pilot scheme being delivered by our experienced archaeologist and teacher Robert Scott (M.A.) educated at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, University of London, and Associate Lecturer for the University of Sussex and Worthing College.

What we provide

School – Link is constantly developing and evolving to enhance learning needs and is structured in to three parts, to support learning outcomes:

1. before we visit

We recommend the children have an awareness of the geography of Britons place in the Roman Empire and the important sites of Cissbury Ring, Fishbourne and London.

2. during our visit
We will organise the pupils to take part in role plays and the handling of replica artefacts. Each child will receive a printed authentic papyrus, which provides an introduction to writing resources in the Roman Empire. The topics covered during the session are:

Workshop 1

The handling workshop is a class room based workshop for a one hour duration, investigating replica artefacts on four themes

roman_womenroman shieldCeltic food
roman shieldCeltic technology
roman shieldRoman food brought to Britain
roman shieldRoman technology brought to Britain


Workshop 2

roman shieldRole plays topics covered during this 2 hour workshop are:
roman shieldLife in Ancient Briton – before the Romans (visual aids)
roman shieldWhy the Romans came to Briton – Client Kingdoms – writing and empire
roman shieldClothing - Britons & Romans
roman manroman shield(role play/handling session)
roman shieldWarfare – Britons & Romans (role play/handling session)
roman shieldBoudicca & the Briton Revolt (role play)

During this workshop the children will
re-enact roles of past Celtic Britons and Romans, in order to make comparisons of life styles, resources and systems of government.

3. after our visit
On completion of our workshop, each teacher will be provided with a Power Point visual aids resource, in order to re-enforce the learning outcomes of the National Curriculum.

Please contact
Robert Scott M.A. IOA UCL UL.
Education Officer/Archaeologist
on 01903 203956 or