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Welcome to the Sussex College of Egyptology resource for Key Stage 2 in Egyptology

Our aim is to offer specialist support information for teachers

delivering Ancient Egypt Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum. This site is to be accessed by Middle and Primary School teachers within East and West Sussex and is not designed for school children or for members of the public. This site is a specialist resource for teachers accessing the Sussex College of Egyptology School-Link. A brief introduction of the Colleges aims & objectives are given on page 2 “Who are we”, Information, explaining how to use this site is given below.

How To Use School-Link

Ancient Egypt School-Link has 4 sections, which represents a balanced scheme of work, relating to the National Curriculum subject of History, section 13 ‘a world history study’ of Ancient Egypt as an option.

To help teachers identify the learning objectives contained in section 13 of Key Stage 2 (KS2), we have highlighted the reference system on pages 17 & 19 of the joint publication – History – The National Curriculum for England – Key Stages 1 – 3 published by Department of Education & Employment (DfEE) and the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA), first published in 1999.  

The Scheme of Work with related topics in each section are contained in sections, ‘Before We Visit’, ‘During Our Visit’ and ‘After Our Visit’, section 4, resources, relates to additional information which teachers may find useful.

School-Link Ancient Egypt is a tried & trusted method of covering the topic, within the limited time frame of primary, junior & middle school academic years. The topics selected will give the learner a balanced view of who the Ancient Egyptian people were, how they lived and what they believed in. It is impossible to teach a 3000 year ancient cultural archaeological history, within the limited time frame and allocated classroom study hours, allocated to this topic. But with 9 + years experience of visiting schools and listening to teachers views within 122 different schools, our experience is that the selected topics suggested are the best approach for learners aged 8 – 11 KS2. For teachers delivering KS1 Ancient Egypt within ‘the wider world’, page 16.

The suggested topics are applicable for a scheme of work. All topics are inter-linked as to how the Ancient Egyptians lived. We hope you find the information useful, please feel free to e-mail with your comments, we are here to help, Robert Scott.

Scheme of work Numbers 1 to 3 relate to the scheme of work.

1.Before our visit
is the recommended learning areas prior to a School-Link visit.

2. During our visit
is the learning contained within a School-Link session.

3. After our visit
the recommended learning activities after a school-Link visit.

These include:

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The e-mail service
Guarantees an answer to any question relating to the Egyptology topic within a 24-hour period, by e-mail for schools booking School-Link.

Reference Material
Please feel free to download this site and print off the information from these pages for your reference, remembering that copyright remains the property of the Sussex College of Egyptology.