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Resources - Reference Material

Recommended Titles for Teachers
Title   Author   ISBN Number
Egyptian Book of the Living & Dying   Joann Fletcher   9781903296868
Shire Egyptology Titles
Egyptian Woodworking & Furniture   Geoffrey Killen   0747802394
Egyptian Boats & Ships   Steve Vinson   074780222X
Egyptian Faience & Glass   P.T. Nicholson   0747801959
Egyptian Shabtis   H.M. Stewart   0747803013
Egyptian Rock-Cut Tombs   Aidan Dodson   9780747801283
Tutankhamun`s Egypt   Frances Welsh   0747801967
Egyptian Warfare & Weapons   Ian Shaw   9780747801429
Egyptian Pyramids & Mastaba Tombs   Philip Watson   9780852638538
Akhenaten`s Egypt   Angela P Thomas   9780852639733
Graeco-Roman Egypt   Simon P Ellis   9780747801580
Research Titles
Penguin Guide to Ancient Egypt   W.J. Murnane   0-14-046952-4
  V Davies &
R Friedman
Chronicle of the Pharaohs   Peter Clayton   0500050740
Dictionary of Ancient Egypt   I Shaw &
P Nicholson
Papyrus   R. Parkinson &S. Quirke   0714109797
Specialist Research Titles
The Oxford Encyclopaedia of
Ancient Egypt
  Redford   9774245814
Porter & Moss   Bertha Porter & Rosalind Moss   0900416106
History of the Giza Necropolis   G.A. Reisner   Oxford
University Press
Decoration in Egyptian Tombs of The Old Kingdom  

Yvonne Harpur

Symbol & Magic in Egyptian Art   R.H. Wilkinson   0500236631
Death & the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt
  John H Taylor   0714119172
The Ancient Egyptian Book ofThe Dead

  R.O. Faulkner   0714109460