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Q How many pyramids did the Ancient Egyptians build?
A Around 132 pyramids 108 pyramids still stand today.

Q What is the biggest pyramid, which the Egyptians built?
A The tallest pyramid is the pyramid of king Khufu, built in the IV Dynasty of the Old Kingdom.

Q What are pyramids for?
A Pyramids are tombs, the Ancient Egyptians called them the Houses or Mansions of Eternity.

Q How long did Tutankhamun live for?
A Tutankhamun lived approximately 18 – 19 years of age, he ruled Egypt for around 9 years.

Q Is there really a city called Hamunaptra, like in the film the Mummy?
A No, its just Hollywood.

Q Do Scarab Beatles really eat people?
A Scarab Beatles do not eat people, the symbol of the Scarab Beatle Represents, new life for the soul, after the judgement of Osiris.

Q Where is the Ancient Egyptian afterlife?
A The Egyptians believed that the afterlife was where the gods were, According to the myth of Osiris, when the gods left Egypt they became The nighttime stars, so the afterlife is the nighttime sky.

Q Why did the Egyptians Mummify bodies?
A The Egyptians mummified bodies so that the deceased body would be Preserved and the Ka (soul) could return to Earth and sleep inside the Mummy, during the hours of daylight.

Q What does the word Mummy mean?
A When the Arabs robed the tombs in modern history, to sell the Valuables, which were inside the wrappings of a Mummy, they Thought the smell of the embalmers preservation fluid from the Mummy wrapping was bitumen, which in Arabic means Moomy, the Ancient Egyptians called mummies “The house of the Ka”. if you have an urgent question please use our e-mail service.