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Sussex College of Ancient and Classical Archaeology

was founded by Robert Scott Archaeologist and Education Officer together with dedicated voluntary officers in February 1997.

The College offers three interactive workshops on:

Ancient Egypt

Golden Age of Greece

The Romans

All workshops support the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 & 2

Development of School-Link
School-Link started in October 1996 with our first workshop on the Ancient Egyptians. The first session involved 120-colour slide show with a supporting lecture. And from this first experience working with children, archaeologist Robert Scott understood that what the children needed was participation within a School-Link session, and not a lecture. From these humble beginnings and with participation and feedback from over 60 Primary and Middle school teachers, School-Link Workshops are now a full interactive hands-on, role-play sessions. Every child plays a part within the School-Link session engaging in cognitive and Affective learning experiences. To Date School-Link has reached over 30,000 children.

Out Reach Officer
Our experienced out reach Education Officer, Robert Scott. Was educated at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, University of London, in Public Archaeology M.A. Roberts first year degree specialised in an Egyptian Archaeology collection based in East Sussex. His second year degree focused on British archaeology including Stonehenge and Roman Britain.

Robert is interested in all aspects of Archaeology including the ancient Egyptians, Greeks Romans and has travelled extensively to Egypt, Greece and Italy. Robert studied: Archaeology & Education, Museum Education, Listed Buildings and the Historic Environment, during his time at the Institute of Archaeology.

Robert’s current research is on the near Eastern cultures of Mesopotamia, including Canaanite, Syrian, Cypriote, and Anatolian civilisations known as the Levant or Levantine Archaeology During the up and coming educational year of 2008 – 09 Robert will be teaching the ancient Egyptians for the University of Sussex and will be developing future courses in Mediterranean and near Eastern, ancient and classical civilisations. – see Adult Education.

Aims & Objectives
Our aim is to provide learning opportunities in ancient cultures within Sussex and to promote the study of Archaeology as a science with public access to the educational opportunities within Sussex.

Our Objectives are;

To provide School-Link sessions for primary and Middle schools within East and West Sussex, which enables us to fund our research commitments.

Our current research commitment is Levantine Archaeology and their neighbours.

Publication of educational archaeology manuscripts, enabling and engaging the Public, with Archaeology.


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